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Frei company was born in 1998 as a family enterprise in Lana. In 2010, the company transferred to Sinigo, next to Merano. Frei company is active in the trade of packaging machines in the field of agriculture, especially on the fruit and vegetable market, but also in the dairy product industry, in the confectionary and sweets industry as well as in the meat industry.

Our company collaborates with TECO , Italian leader in the production of automatic packaging machines, seated in Conselice (RA). TECO produces a vast array of automatic industrial machines such as: automatic lidding machines for top covers in corrugated and solid board, automatic tray formers for cardboard trays and corrugated board trays, automatic tray former machines for cardboard trays with columns, punnet double headed machines, automatic case formers and automatic plastic crates erecting machines. The picture is completed by a vast array of useful accessories such as: compressors, customized conveyor belts, stackers and flexible and orientable roller belts for piling boxes.

Frei gmbh/s.r.l. does not only handle sales on behalf of TECO abroad, but also provides services such as: installing their machines, offering technical assistance and maintenance services after the acquisition. Our expert team of technicians is always ready to assist you in any way possible, studying the best solution that could suit your needs and requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us for whatever piece of information or for any free of charge counseling!

Thanks to our many years of experience in the fields of automatic packaging machines, we are able to offer you:
- Assistance for the acquisition and the installation of the above mentioned machines
- Technical assistance on the field
- Fast delivery of spare parts
- Instruction of your personnel in the use and regular maintenance of the machines
- On the phone support

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